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Paracas Reserve


Paracas – Islas Ballestas – Reserva de Paracas is located in the department of Ica in the Province of Pisco 260 km south of Lima, Peru. From lima 4 hours to Paracas is a small town and district, but is best known for the Paracas national park and wildlife reserve. 

It is one of Peru’s largest attractions for both foreign and Peruvian tourists. 

These spectacular islands, eroded into many caves and arches, provide shelter for thousands of seabirds and hundreds of sea-lions. Although the islands fall just outside the Paracas National Reserve they are protected by separate legislation. The islands are home to over 150 species of marine bird including the Humboldt penguin, cormorants, boobies, inca tern and pelicans. Even condors have been known to visit. On the shores and in the sea large numbers of sea-lions can be seen. It is also possible to encounter dolphins and even whales. 

Over the years the islands have also been used to collect guano (bird droppings) for fertiliser. But now the animals that live there are free to enjoy the Islands without interferance from any industry. 

On our 2 hour cruise aboard a speed boat around the Ballestas Islands we took in sights with our guide including the famous Candelabra and the many birds and wildlife which inhibit the area. Our guide had a good knowledge of the area and its history. 

After the visit Ballest Island you can move to Nazca 


Full Day Lima – Paracas ( Ballestas Island ) – Lima

      In the morning 3:45 a.m we goin to take bus ( cruz del sur ) arriving to Paracas at 7:45am. Then transfer to chaco port we take you on a fantastic guided speed boat journey tour to the Ballestas Islands (the Peruvian Galapagos) a wonderful group of small Islands that house huge numbers of birds and marine mammals such as sea lions, Humbold pinguins, dolphins, flamingoes, pelicans. and stunning varieties of birds it going to take 2 hours. Return to Paracas 11:00 am tour to Paracas National Reserve.
        Afternoon free 3:00 pm. Transfer to bus station 3:30pm take bus arriving Lima 7:30pm. Transfer to Hotel .


      Other option if you want to do Nazca lines you can move to Nazca, next day  fly to Nazca lines and return to Lima.