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Mountain Bike Huaraz

Mountain Bike Huaraz – Cordillera Blanca

For the mountain biker the possibilities are unlimited. Huaraz is a mountain biker´s mecca, and with the addition of full-suspension bikes by Pedal Peru / Mountain Bike Adventures for 2007 we hope to take the experience to a new level. From town you can be on single track in ten minutes. With our guide services the possibilities increase tremendously. On one side of the valley lies the Cordillera Negra, a snowless range and on the other side the Cordillera Blanca and its looming peaks. Bike touring is a treat for the incredible scenery and cultural exchanges as you pass through many Andean villages. Trekking and climbing are also two very popular pastimes that can be arranged by us. Huaraz is a great destination for the outdoor enthusiast and excellent place to mix with the Peruvian highlands culture.

CATEGORY  A  concidered  suitable for  beginners . understands  routes of soft  earring  slope  and hard and  compact area .

CATEGORY  B  :  for  more experience  ..area wiht certain  experience it includes circuits  that develop  on zones  of  moderate slope  and carry a level  of risk for those  who practise them.

CATEGORY  C it is recerved  for the experts it is characterized because the areas where it  is practised are areas of  great earring slope  and  soils extremely  fragile or  of soft consistency , carries a high level of risk and often it  suppose  reaching big altitudes

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