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Lake 69 – Laguna 69 – Hiking Day

Time : full day
Grade: Medium Hard
Altitude Max: 4,600m
69 lake – lake 69  in the Cordillera Blanca  is a large aquamarine lake at 4600m
above sea level at the back of the Demanda valley, the continuation of the
Llanganuco Gorge .This is the most popular day trek in the Huascaran National

69 Lake – Cordillera Blanca

To get to Cebollapampa from Huaraz drive for 2 hours
To start the 69 trek  you will need to start walking from Cebollapampa (3900m). Cebollapampa for those spanish speakers amongst us means «field of onions». Don’t be surprised not to see any onions, the Quechua speakers (Quechua hablantes) here use Cebollapampa for a yellow flower up to 2″ in diameter that stays level with the ground. You may see plenty of these flowers depending at what time of year you visit.
Along the way you will see the llanganuco lakes ( chinancocha and orconcocha lakes ) the beautiful mountain peaks Huandoy , Pisco , Chacraraju, Yanapaccha, Chopicalqui, Huascaran North and South.
 The trek will take you a minimum of 5 hours. If it is rainy season an early start is
recommended, as rains often start 2-3pm