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Ecuador Trek Climb 2018

Ecuador’s name comes from the Equator, which divides it unequally, putting most of the country in the Southern Hemisphere. It may be the smallest Andean country, but it has four distinct and contrasting regions. The Costa, or coastal plain, grows enough bananas to make the country the world’s largest exporter of the fruit. The Sierra, or Andean uplands, offers productive farmland. Oil from the Oriente, jungles east of the Andes, enriches the economy. The Galápagos Islands, volcanic islands 960 kilometers west of Ecuador, bring tourism revenue with its unique reptiles, birds, and plants.
Ecuador boasts an impressive 10 mountains that are all over 5000m making it a haven for outdoor adventure enthusiasts.
A country still unspoiled, there are many national parks and wilderness areas to explore, with experienced hiking and trekking guides that can share its diverse environment. In the Andes region, many of the mountains are still active volcanos and each has its own claim to fame through history and cultural lore.


 Cotopaxi and  offer superb alpine climbing for intermediate climbers. the climbs involve moderately steep slopes and prior knowledge of roped travel, crampon techniques, and ice axe arrest is recommended; a review of these basic mountaineering techniques is built into the itinerary. This climb is ideal for mountaineers looking to build their climbing skills, climb to new elevations, and take part in the excitement of an international climbing expedition.


This is one of the coldest mountains of Ecuador, but due to general warming and the ash deposits from eruptions of the nearby active Tungurahua volcano, the snow layer is very thin or sometimes non-existent.  however full climbing gear is required as well as excellent  acclimatization and fitness.                                                            


Cotopaxi and Chimborazo involve glacier climbing of easy to moderate difficulty. You will spend time walking with an ice axe, be familiar with self-arrests and learn the proper technique for walking on snow slopes up to 45 degrees. You will wear crampons during the ascent. 


trek Condor this is one of the best hikes that can be done in Ecuador, know the Active Volcano Antisana (5,705) Sincholagua Volcano, and finally the Cotopaxi (5,897 m.). This high plateau embellished with volcanic scenery is the home of the Andean Condor, deers and many other endemic animals that hide in its mountains, valleys and lakes above 3,500 meters above sea level. For experienced and adrenaline driven hikers that enjoy challenging the heights and the cold weather, this is the ideal place to choose.