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Circuit Alpamayo – Vaqueria Llanganuco 10 days 2019

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Circuit cedros – alpamayo llanganuco 10 days 2018


Circuit  Cedros Alpamayo Trek Llanganuco . The cordillera Blanca must provide one of the most varied landscapes for trekking and climbing in the world. with fantastic trails and scenery, Countless trails pass through beautiful valleys and cross passes reaching 4,700 such as cullicocha pass, vientunan, cara cara pass, willca pass and others where the best of the flora and fauna ,the impressive mountains, lakes ,waterfalls and rivers that define this area coincide with the trails and campsites.

 Along this trek we will see the pyramid of Alpamayo mount at 5,947 the which has voted the most beautiful the world The trek circuit Cedros – Alpamayo is one of the most scenically spectacular walking routes of the Andes. This tough trek, takes you through the heart of the stunning mountain range of the Cordillera Blanca.

It provides endless panoramic views of snow-capped peaks from the high passes, and an insight into the traditional Indian way of life as you pass through small, isolated farming communities in remote and beautiful valley.

Duration : 10 days /9 nights

Altitude max. : 4,850m.

Hiking Time : 5 to 7 hours

Best season . May to Octuber

Located : Cordillera Blanca


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Day A – Lima – Huaraz 

Boarding our comfortable bus, we make the long drive across the Punta Conococha (4100m) to the town of Huaraz (3090m), where we check in to the group Hostal.

Day B – Acclimatization day Tour to Churup Lake 4,450m.

acclimatisation day, with the option to make the 5- 6 hours round trip towards a viewpoint to Laguna Churup (4450m), for views of Cordillera Blanca the impressive peaks

Day 1 – Huaraz – Hualcayan 2,900m.

In the morning drive from Huaraz to Hualcayan, here we meet our arrieros and their burros ready for next day 

Day 2 – Hualcayan – Wishcash 3,700m

In the morning We will climb up quite steeply in zig zags towards the skyline to Wishcash it take 4 – 5   hours

Day 3 – Wishcash –  Cullicocha pass 4,600m. – Vientunan pass 4,600m. – Ruinapampa 4,100m

After the breakfast following a path threading between cliffs  we arrive at Laguna Cullicocha 4,400m This is an impressive spot with fine views of Santa Cruz . Our first pass of the day is Paso Cullicocha, sometimes called Paso los Cedros at 4850m with tremendous views of lakes and peaks. There is a descent and another climb to reach our second pass at 4800m. From here it is steeply down into the Quebrada Alpamayo and a night at Ruina Pampa.

Day 4 – Ruinapampa – Jancarurish 4,200m or cruce Alpamayo

An almost flat few hours’ walk up the beautiful Alpamayo valley. On the way, we’ll see some ruined structures and ancient standing stones. Eventually, the beautiful pyramidal form of Alpamayo (5947m) comes into view to the southeast. Camp at Cruce Alpamayo (4150m). it take 3 – 4 hours

Day 5 – rest day or visit Alpamayo view

This day We will have two options  – Visit Alpamayo view point or stay on the camp

Day 6 – Jancarurish – Cara Cara pass 4,700m. – Safuna 4,250m.

After our breakfast We will cross the river  and with Alpamayo always in view behind us, we climb steadily up to our next rocky Cara Cara pass at 4,800m. then we will descending by moyobamba valley  to willka or safuna camp

Day 7 – Safuna – Willca pass  4,500m. – Jancapampa 3,400m.

In the morning We will climb up to Willka pass at 4.500m. Amazing views of Pucajirca mountain then descend to Jancapampa camp where we will see quechuan andean people.

Day 8 – Jancapampa – Tupa Tupa pass 4,300m. – Huecrococha 4,200m.

In the morning We pass village houses and terraced fields to climb up a long grassy valley towards the pass of Tupatupa 4,300m with a fine view down the eastern side of the Cordillera. A long descent on the other side crosses another sparsely populated valley and leads to a beautiful campsite by Laguna Huecrocha at 4,050m

Day 9 – Huecrococha – Pucaraju pass 4,750m. – Paria 

After the breakfast We climb up to Punta Union pass at 4,750m. amazing views of Taulliraju , Rinrijirca, Alpamayo, Quitaraju, Artesonraju and the santa cruz valley after we will return by same trail to cachinapampa 

Day 10 – Paria – Vaqueria – Portachuelo pass 4,800m. – Llanganuco – Huaraz Hotel

After the breakfast in the morning we will start  going down for about 1 hour half  and 30 minutes for go up  to vaqueria  where our private bus will be waiting for us ,then transport to Huaraz   . Before to llanganuco lake  we will arrive to portachuelo pass at 4,800m. from here we will have amazing views of Huascaran north ,south ,chopicalqui ,huandoy peaks,pisco ,yanapaccha after we continue going down to llanganuco lake where  we will have lunch  then continue  toward  control of Huascaran National Park  Yungay  Huaraz

Day C – Huaraz – Lima


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  • English speaking oficial Guide
  • Cook during the trek
  • Meal during the trek
  • Donkeys and donkey driver
  • Personal tents
  • Dining tent  kitchen tent , toilet tent
  • Private touris transport
  • Entrance fees to Huascaran National Park
  • Acclimatizin day tour to churup lake
  • Extra horse for more 4 persons
  • Taxi from bus station to hotel – Huaraz
  • First Aid kit
  • Oxygen
  • Personal trekking gears
  • Hotel Lima / Huaraz
  • Ticket Bus or Flight
  • Sleeping bag
  • Meal in town
  • Extra


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The Best weather are:

The best season for climbing and trekking in peru is during the Andean Winter (late April to September). The weather in the Cordillera Blanca is among the best found in the entire Andean Range.
Early season conditions will include seasonal snow cover on the glaciers, while later in the season conditions become icy and the wind increases. We’ve found the period of May-August the best.
Although storms can occur, long periods of stable, dry weather are prevalent. However, like all big mountains such as Huascaran , Chopicalqui, and others peaks  of the Cordillera Blanca generate and attract their own weather making it impossible to predict.
Be prepared for a wide range of temperatures; from freezing nights, to snowy and windy conditions, to bright sunshine intensified by the high altitude.
This wide fluctuation in temperatures makes it important to bring everything on the equipment list. Please call for more details and help with equipment questions you may have while preparing for this adventure.
Minimun: 2 Persons
Private Service
Price Per Person: US …..